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What Is Blog

Hey there!

This is my 2nd blog entry since i joined this site, and also my 2nd blog entry ever! This rare, precious phenomenon occurs due to the fact that i am that bored, and not in the mood to game, watch movies, or tinker with my machine (currently giving some trouble again). I'm just listening to some music and typing this in whatever direction my awesome writing talent* tells me to.
Yes, i am currently at work, but i'm about to leave in about 5 mins, and let me tell you, this must have been the most boring, yet tiring, work day ever! I got one customer to attend to, and it only took like 30 seconds to be done with it. He asked a simple question, wich i answered simply as well. I quote: "Good morning! My motherboard recently died, or at least i think it was it, i have a friend that knows some stuff about PCs and he agrees with me. Do you sell Socket 775 motherboards here?" . Me, all friendly and with a smile on my face "Good morning sir! Yes we do, we sell those. Are you looking for a particular board?", to wich he answered "Oh great! No, I'm not looking for a particular board. I've been told at Minfo (our biggest competitor) that it would take about 3 days for them to receive the board and deliver it to me. If they fail i'll come here" . Put a smile on his face and left.
And yeah, it was it. From 10.00 to 19.00 hours i only saw this sad little man entering the shop to tell me he went buying something somewhere else.

Thank you for reading, and also I'm sorry for the time wasted

*Yeah, right


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