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What The Hell Everyone That Knows Tf2 Reply

I need someone to tell me I suck or something. In TF2 I always get the highest score by at least 100 points, and usually 3x higher than the next highest scoring person on the server at the end of the map. I only play stock maps. But the part that makes me feel like I need to tell someone to tell ME that I suck is I DO SUCK! I can't make it 5 minutes in most games on whatever they call their moderate difficulty without dying.

Call of Duty--which I haven't played since WaW because it sucks--, I can't make it one 'level' without dying at least 3 times, when it showed that difficulty suggestion it said whatever the easiest one was. In Counter-Strike: Source I rarely get above 75% of the score of the highest scoring player in the server. New Vegas, I died literally hundreds of times before I even got to New Vegas the first time.

So why am I always so 'good' at Team Fortress 2? I've met some really good players that get maybe 120 points and the next highest person is only 50 points, but if that happens I automatically seem to get 300 points with a 8:1 KDR, which is the exact opposite of most other games I play. I always play heavy because it's what I'm best at, but there's only one or two classes that I don't score perfectly in.

To answer your questions; no I'm not trolling, this is serious, I don't know why I'm so good and I want to know what it is about TF2 that makes it easy for someone that sucks to win. Yes I do go on MANY different servers, and while it of course affects my score a little because some servers are all little kids that can't shoot for er.. poop anyway, but I've gone on servers with some damn good people and I still end ahead of them by far. If you're going to say it's because TF2 is a crappy game just f off right now, you have your opinion, I have mine, there's good and bad people for every game, including RCT.


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