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What To Do

So i have this girl i have been hanging out with for the last month or so. She is cool down to earth and all of that stuff. She told me when we started hanging out that it was no strings attached kinda situation.
I like the this girl the problem is that when she said the no strings attached thing, all i thought in my head was is she just going to try meeting someone else. This made me decide not to put alot of effort into a relationship with her, because who knows what she is really thinking.
Now i cant seem to stop my mind and body from wanting to tap every peice of hard butt that comes around. I dont know what happen to me after the last girl i broke up with but it seems that i just dont want to settle for any of the girls cause i know that the next bigger better deal will come along soon enough and that maes me a jerk.
Back to the girl in the beginning. She now trys to text me over 200 times a day. I cant do my job for five minutes with out her texting me. I tell her im busy and bam text me 10 minutes later. Have i become so selfish and self absorb that the feelings of someone else dont matter.

My best friend told me the problem was is that when i meet someone i like, i talk to them, but at soon as we get past the first week of sex i dump them cause i only want the thrill of the chase and when we get past that there is not a challenge so i jump ship.


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