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When It Rains

It pours

For the past couple of moths I've moved out of my rents house and into an apartment with a friend/former room mate from dorms. Things have been going well for the first half of the period... then something seemingly fell out of the window or something cus every reason I left the parents house is now a problem at my apartment?!?!
Two major issues I've come to find myself in again...
I hate it when it is hot, any more than like 78*F or so and I start sweating, fast... the roommate seems to not be bothered at all by the heat and doesn't seem to enjoy the electric bill. Understandable. What is pissing me off is he will randomly turn the AC to 50*F and the place will FREEZE over. Thats fine, I like it cold. The next day he completely turns off the AC?!?!?!?! WHAT THE ****?!?!?! Its Arizona - its 110*F outside from 6am to 9pm all day every day, night time stays above 80 depending on weather and how many months its been since we had rain.... I cannot for the life of me understand why someone would run the temperature down as far as it can possibly go, then just shut it off. This is the fastest way to work up a nice bill because 1-The rooms will never reach the set temperature (AC never turns off), and 2- constantly changing the temperature (I would assume) is very inefficient for keeping a place cool. For sanity's sake, leave it at a single comfortable temperature.

Mess. I hate mess, dirty, etc... Im somewhat of a clean freak. I hate it when the place I live in looks like a dump. When I went to visit the apartment before moving in, it was spotless. Since then, I have seen the roommate clean 1 time. One time. The place slowly degraded to what I fathom. I've cleaned up the place a couple times now to were it looked good and literally within a couple days, its dirty again. I don't know how to deal with this, I really don't. The roommate dos not seem to even care about keeping things clean. For god sakes, he shaved his head in the bathroom, what seemed like WALKING IN CIRCLES. THERE WAS HAIR EVERYWHERE. The sink, floor, under the carpet, in the tub.... was he freakin dancing while cutting his hair or something!?!? Once I saw that I gave up. He doesn't care about keeping clean, I'm not cleaning after him. Im not gonna play moma and clean up after this pig. Ill live with it until I find a new place - hopefully soon. It also doesn't help that his sister is living with us too. She sheds hair pretty bad and leaves it in the tub, sink, toilets, etc, too. I have also given up on cleaning due to the appearance of neither of them caring about keeping the place clean.

I'm gonna start looking for my own apartment, single person. I don't care to have another roommate after this. I am thoroughly pissed off today as I woke up sweating again.

Going on tangent to something else - this isn't so much a rant as it is kind of reflecting on some events yesterday. This girl I dated in freshman year of high school recently got back in contact with me...
*quick history briefing* We dated for a year and 2 months, we had a great relationship. I broke up with her 2 times because of her sister. Not in a good way. her sister was always lieing her saying I would be cheating on her, messing around with others, etc, trying to get us to split up. My gf believed it for some reason and always ended up in argument until I convinced her otherwise. I never cheated on her. I really liked this girl so I did treat her well. she would call me an ******* once in a while but whatever - she seemed like she was kidding. Eventually it got to a point where I couldn't take her sisters harassment and I had to say goodbye to the girl - was too much.*
Course the breakup was a huge mess. she insisted that I was still an ass, I promised her that I would always and forever be the best guy she has ever dated. she recently came back after 4? years... whining about the last 4-5 guys she dated. Turns out what I said to her was 100% correct. Guy1 cheated on her for 4 months, she got pregnant - he ditched her - parents got restraining order, she then miscarried. Guy 2 - cheated on her for the entire time they dated. Guy 3 - cheated on her the entire time they dated, got her pregnant. 4 months pregnant the guy threatans her saying he wants nothing to do with her "or else". Restraining order placed, she moved out of town for 5 months. She moved back into town and recently contacted me then....

Sad story, Im mad at the girl for actually letting me be right. Im dissapointed that I let such a nice, good girl go to be treated like that but.. hey, stupid people exist - guess shes no exception! ugh.


School is starting back up soon looking forward to an exciting year of 3rd year at University...

Party time


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