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When What You Believe And What You Cherish Dont Mesh

Everyone holds their own beliefs, and moreover there are certain things each person sort of holds up and cherishes even if those around them don't or loath that very thing...

Well I just found out that EA went ahead and kept DRM on Red Alert 3. I was hoping against hope that the Spore fallout would quash these plans...
Shallow and selfish as it may sound, when we live in a world where everything I take for granted is a miracle. But this is akin to burning a holy text in front of a true believer to put it in context...

My personal belief is that "if I give them my monies purchasing something with DRM, it only gives them more reason to continue using it". I mean I don't care about CD/DVD checks or [edit]SecuROM SafeDisc [/edit] as I have never had issues with them before; Starforce yes, but the aforementioned no. But activation limited DRM makes my blood boil...

I'm also a lifelong C&C fanboy. I've owned every one on the PC. Heck, it kicked off gaming in general for me and eventually helped push my interest in PCs. Without C&C, I would likely be just some detached medical tech or undergraduate therapist.

It probably sounds like I'm mourning the death of the franchise, and for all intents and purposes so long as it carries the DRM it will be dead to me. The acquisition of Westwood by EA bothered me, but they soon after came out with C&C titles worthy of the name (Generals was a crap fluke however) so it never really bothered me all that much.

Now one thing that is a deal-breaker for me; that I will not support by purchasing something with it... is on a series that, against prevailing opinions of "better" options available, I still return to time and again.

Maybe it will be removed, although it is unlikely. Only time will tell.
Who knows, maybe I'm simply being melodramatic.

But before you pass your judgment, consider this:
Something you cherish, nearly against all prevailing wisdom, suddenly becomes one of the very things that symbolizes something you hate.
If you're faced with this prospect... what else can you do but lament it?


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