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Who Gives A Crap

I have read many blogs around the internet. Concerning many different things. However, this being my first blog on OCN, I will write about the most annoying thing about PC gamers and gamers in general.

I have noticed that for every person who says a game is good, there is another person saying the game is bad.

Sure we are all allowed our opinions, and some people believe their opinion is fact, and that's OK.

Every single time I read about a game, especially one available on a console, I see someone write a blog about how bad it is, and point out every little thing thats wrong with the game.

Yeah, these amazing companies and people making these games available for us aren't perfect, but damn it they are good!

For example, Call of Duty: Black Ops. i saw one guy said that it is a game where you run, cover, shoot, cover, run, cover, shoot. Well, isn't that what you are supposed to do? Isn't that how you are suppose to avoid getting your head blown off?

People say, "I could write a better story line than that".

Well, if you are so damn smart go to Infinity Ward and ask them if you can help write a story line to a game. Of course they will say no, but let's just say they say yes. Do you really think that YOU will be able to write a storyline so good that it will turn the gaming world upside down?

I don't think so.

Next time you buy a game and play through it, look at what was done right (not perfect, nothing is perfect) instead of pointing out what could have been better or the mistakes that were made in a negative way.

If it weren't for these people making these "terrible" games available for purchase, many of you will be bouncing a ball off the wall for fun.

i am not defending Call of Duty. In fact I like Call of Duty 2 better. I am also a much bigger fan of Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source.

Don't hate, appreciate


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