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Who Would Make A Good Addition To The Sites Staff

This has been something I've been wanting to write up for a while, and I decided the informal setting of the blog was probably the most appropriate place for it.

In the coming weeks, we will be posting a lot of open positions, and members will have a chance to nominate members (including self-nominations) to fill those positions. When considering your nominations, keep this info in mind...

We have a very large number of members who could positively contribute to the site as a member of the staff. It's definitely not a job for everyone, though, and it's important for members to know what they're getting into when they nominate themselves or others. Before I paint a horrific picture of what staff life is like, let me say that working on the site is often rewarding in many ways, and those ways differ from person to person. It's often thankless work, though, and you often will only hear from someone when there are problems. A lot of people take for granted the 99.8% of the time when everything goes as smoothly as can be, and then they blow up at the first hint of anything going wrong. You definitely need a very thick skin at times, though thankfully most people understand that you're doing your best to keep things going smoothly.

Some specific things to consider (in no particular order) -
  • Staff duties do take time to complete, usually on a daily basis. If that appeals to you and you have time to devote to those responsibilities, by all means sign up. If your primary enjoyment on the site comes from diligently responding to threads and helping members, understand that you will have less time to do that (unless you steal your staff time from other things in your life). I used to practically live in the Intel forums back in the day, but I rarely have the opportunity to even visit there anymore. While I do enjoy my work here, sometimes it's really nice to just ignore all of the official stuff and help some members tackle their computer problems.
  • There are no magic numbers to determine who will work out well on the staff. A member will one hundred reps may end up working out much better on the staff than someone with five thousand reps. Post count also does not make or break a potential staff member. When evaluating nominations, we look at both quality and quantity. Anyone who has been on the site for a while and has made a solid contribution over that time will receive due consideration. I fully expect that we will have a mix of senior and moderate tenure members receive staff positions.
  • Good nomination write ups go a very long way toward a successful nomination. Yes, we do read each and every nomination that gets submitted. The ol' "Pick me because I'm great!" nomination will not receive much consideration, regardless of who the member is. A well thought out, energetic nomination will score a lot of points with the reviewers, especially on self-nominations. The way I look at it is that if you can't show a bit of enthusiasm while applying for a positions, you're not likely to execute the duties of that position with much energy. In a nutshell, don't be afraid to really tell us why you think you're the right person for a position.
  • If you don't see a position that interests you right away or if you don't get selected, don't worry; there will be more opportunities in the future. To date, we've been in the habit of taking on a fairly significant number of staff members all at once and then not selecting any new ones until attrition has significantly thinned down our staff to the point where we're barely keeping up. Hopefully that will be ending with this group of open positions. I hope to keep close tabs on the needs of the staff and the ability of the current staff at the time to handle them and open up specific positions as needed to fill in any identified gaps. Too large of a staff can be just as detrimental as too small of a staff, but hopefully we can find a happy medium and keep our staff size in that range.
  • If you see an area of the site that is not getting adequate staff attention be it a forum or something more general, please bring it to my attention. When things are busy as they usually are, it's easy for things to slip through the cracks. It's tough to fix what we don't know is broken, so don't be afraid to speak up if you see something out of place.
  • Warnings and infractions for prospective staff members - one of the things we look at when evaluating candidates is their warning and infraction history. We use this to help assess the type of judgment that a person might exhibit as a representative of the site. We all have bad days and slip up from time to time, but a pattern of infractions just a few severe infractions will probably indicate that a person is probably not a good fit for the staff. A random minor infractions over time or infractions well in the past will not be a big detriment. A spotless history, though, certainly won't hurt things at all.
I'm running out of steam, so I'll cut this off before I start to ramble (more than I already have). It's always exciting bringing new people on board as it brings a lot of new ideas and energy into the mix. While it will take a lot of work to get everything going, I think the site will really benefit from everyone's efforts in seeing this process through.


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