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Why I Dont Fold

I pay my own electric bill.

The end.

Seriously - I'm an adult with living expenses and bills in the state of Maryland. I live between Baltimore and DC; if you're familiar with the area, you know how expensive everything is.

I've become an anal-retentive old man that makes sure every lightbulb is turned off when not in use. I monitor the A/C and use it only when I absolutely need to. TV goes off the second im done. Dishwasher - once a week at most. Clothes washing - once a week. Fridge door - Close that damn thing.

I never used to care about any of this...until I was out on my own.

Nope, I don't live in a college dorm or with my parents. I don't have roommates to split the bills with. I'm an independent adult in the real world.

Now maybe you're well off and can run your own folding farm or don't mind a steep electric bill. Good for you, I'm sure you've earned it - but you're in the minority. I don't wish to imply I'm broke or "monetarily challenged", because I'm not - I just have other things I'd rather spend my hard earned money on, the least of which being Baltimore Gas & Electric.

Now you might say F@H only uses the energy comparable to a light bulb, or some other hogwash. Well, I switched to the energy-efficient bulbs. The fact of the matter is computers and gaming consoles draw A LOT of energy. I don't leave them on when I don't have to.

You might call me selfish or self-centered - F@H is for the greater good! Well, I'm thick skinned, I can take it. I'll smoke my cigarettes while you work on the cure for lung cancer [/sarcasm]. Personally, I think donating money to actual cancer foundations is a better way of doing things, but that's just me. At least you can write off those donations on your taxes (assuming you pay them).

So why am I writing this?

I refrain from making comments such as these in the forums. I see all the folding threads and people preaching the wonders of it, even though I'm pretty sure most of them could care less about the cure and are far more concerned with their PPD and where they stand in the rankings so they can earn some "free" prizes. But rather than make infraction-worthy comments there, I'll share my opinion here. And by infraction-worthy, I mean any comments not in support of F@H. This is a tech website after all, and I stand in the minority of people here on OCN that do not wish to fold. We have a voice too. To shut us out wouldn't be right.

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good luck, man:)
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