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Why Is It Still So Hot

Why the heck is texas so hot. I hate the heat here. I know other places are worse but come on. It got nice for like a few days than bam its hot again. So sick of the heat.
The heat brings otehr things to my attention. Like for starters do i really like living in texas period. I lived in wyoming for several years and loved it. However trying to make money at normal blue collar jobs is hard there.
I feel like im going crazy in this heat here. I wake up, walk outside and first thing i think is why the heck am i living here.
The only thing that has keep me here in dallas is my child. She is 4 last week. I love seeing her, but dealing with her mother has been a real pain. Its hard for me to be happy about everything else going on in my life here as well.
I want to move back up north but would feel like a peice of crap dad doing that to my kid.
anyway this is me venting nicely.


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