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Why Youd Never Give Your Password In Runescape

Here's a funny story about what i had to go trough today with my sons playing Runescape.
As some of you might now Runescape is a online RPG with lousy graphics, horrible gameplay and a ingame music that drives me nuts.

Anyway, My son decided in a short blast of good faith of naivity and good trust to give away his log-in accounts to one of his so called "friends".
Now this is where the fun starts, He expected this friend to get him some gear that he wouldn't be able to get himself.
But whatever happened, no gear and after he saw his account logged out (he was on his brothers account to watch progress) he tried to log in using his log-in name and password and guess what.....
Unable to log in, this so called friend had altered his account pass and not planning to give away the details.

Now i had been watching this whole thing evolve from the living room couch and when my son bursted into desperaty and tears it was time to do something about it, Never tease the kalf because you'll get to hande the bull.

I've never played the game my entire life but if there was a time to learn it, it was now, logged in on a newb account and searched for the "friend" that hasseled my son.
Quickly found him and started a nice little conversation with him. The boy on the other side of the line was in no way conciddering handing over the new password so i've decided to raise the stackes a bit.
Told him he had exactly 1 minute to hand over the acc or i'd hax03 his interwebz account to kingdom come.
Now you know and i know that is almost impossible to do and prohibited by law but threatning with it was enough to do the trick.
Within a minute i had the new password to my sons account, logged in and changed it.
Moral of this story, No matter how long you know someone ingame, never trust them and never give away log-in details to anyone!

(svyat suggested me to post this in the blog as well as it might be best suited here)


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