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Win7 Woes

After running Windows 7 on my lappy for quite some time i decided it was a good idea to replace my borked xp installation of my main rig with the sparkling new OS. Especially since my Vista was due for a fresh install to i just took the plunge into the deep and slapped in the windows 7 disk.

Now the "fun" really started, After trying to upgrade i got a language error, go figure my xp was in my native language and Windows 7, only supports english when installing.

So reboot and trying to install without formatting thus keeping my old files stored in xp........ big crash and a bsod.

Next try, put my settings back to stock and do the fresh install including the format.....installing..entering key......crash, my system locked and nothing else left but push reset.

Now my rig went into a bootloop....(insert heavy cursing here) Disconnected all drives but one and managed to get the installer running again.

Installing win7 without a hitch, until the key needed entry, skipped it and behold setup managed to get as far as a desktop......a very empty desktop though followed with another bonus bsod.

At this point i was ready to toss the entire rig out of the window. For some odd reason i decided to replace my cordless mouse and keyboard with the ones from the HTPC. Rebooted and another fresh install and oh yea! Finally got windows 7 up and running, in fact posting from it right now.

I'm starting to hate pc's.......... really.... hate em....


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