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Woman Advises Son To Knock People Out Suckas Put In Fear

It's been a rough month. Two friends got sent to the hospital for different reasons, my favorite cat had a stroke and had to be put down, endless car problems, familial obligations, and I'm just wiped. I haven't made any progress on buying my new PC, and work has stopped on my case mod competition entry. Meh.

Plus I have to admit that my original plan is starting to look bad. I cringe with every new post detailing the 790i motherboard's neverending corruption problems. Water cooling the 9800 GX2s like I wanted is so costly and places significant limitations on the case choice. I wish I had pulled the trigger in January when I was considering dual 8800 Ultras. Everything on the spec sheet made sense to me then. Now, I'm just flummoxed. I find myself leaning away from Nvidia hardware towards the simpler and less costly dual 3870x2 solution.

I was at Home Depot just before Memorial Day weekend. We had put off buying a new grill for so long, and then oh my we're actually hosting a party in two days. To the store! We wound up buying a nice three burner model, but it weighed 362 pounds in the box, and I drive a Mazda Protoge. Yeah, not gonna fit. So we rented a truck, and a comedy of errors later, we had the grill in place. But anyhow, I'm not bringing that up to talk about grills but rather point out that it finally sunk in that Home Depot and stores like it rent power tools. I don't know why it didn't occur to me. I can rent a table saw for like $30, do all my acrylic cuts in one shot, and not have to fuss with the issues that come with making straight cuts with a jigsaw.

I could also rent a drill press, which I need because my "great" Makita drill can't handle large shanks. But I keep looking at the cheap drill presses for like $100. If I can get it aligned, that's all I need...

So, to bring it full circle, this has been a trying year. One of the two friends I mentioned had a stroke (he's only 38), and was just released from the hospital. He's coping with a feed tube in his belly, because his damaged vegal nerve is not letting him swallow anything. Anyhow, he had a tough upbringing, coming from a dysfunctional family and a deadbeat father who was found a few years ago dead with a needle in his arm. I was stressed out one day almost two decades ago, and I asked him how he always seemed so relax, and never worried about bad stuff happening in his life. He told me that people from functional families can't handle crises, because they're not given as many opportunities to become conditioned. They're just not used to bad news. I think I finally understand what he meant.

Addendum: I almost forgot to mention that my girlfriend bought us a set of bamboo stools to go with the tiki bar. The bar looks more awesomer than ever. Of course, there were problems with assembly. The holes they drilled did not line up. Nuts. You bastards can't hold me down. Witness the mastery of hole relocation. My powers know no bounds.


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