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Work Sucks

Christ, I'm so bored at work. I'm interning at United States Steel in Pittsburgh, and it's the worst job I've ever had. I've basically done nothing for a month. Among the menial PL/SQL tasks and Java maintenance, I've never had anything to do that took me more than at most an hour or two to finish, and usually the paperwork takes longer than the task. I have to fill out huge, stupid test reports for even minor changes in code. It sucks.

I absolutely hate this internship. It's the biggest waste of time I've ever done. I'd probably be more productive if I worked at Wal-Mart. I don't even really care about the experience or the name on my resume. I hate being here. I'm already convinced that I don't want to stay after I'm done. I'll find a web based job in Pittsburgh or something while my girlfriend finishes college. This isn't the environment I want to be in. This company is too big. You have to fill out reports and get it signed by a tester that sits across the room, and your boss who sits across the hall. The amount of beaurocracy here is stupid. I don't want to work in a massive corporation. I want to work in a small web company that needs a programmer. I feel so constrained here. At school I work in a computer lab that is responsible for making web pages for clubs and organizations, and I LOVE tinkering with code and figuring out new ways to market things on the web, and working with new technologies. I want to do something like that, and everyone says that is a fairy tale job, but I DON'T CARE. I want that kind of job, and I will get it, come hell or high water.


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