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World Of Warcraft Revitalized 3

Well, since I'm taking a year break off college and just working and hanging with friends. I figured, why don't I return to the World of Warcraft when no one is able to hang when I'm not busy. Perfect time killer.

So, I checked Battle.Net and whats this? I had 7 days free waiting since I've been gone so long :3

(Side Note: I played back in 2006 and then ended my subscription right before the burning crusade came out. I'm still on normal WoW)

Happy as could be I reactivated. Now don't get me wrong, a lot has changed since I left it. I noticed a lot of neat new things, as well as the big newbie plunge that Blizzard took with nerfing the difficulty in leveling up.

Not too bad though. My level 59 3/4 Orc Warrior Bigblades of the old school Archimonde realm was awaiting me. I hopped right on and away I went. Ding~! Level 60 welcomed me with a smile.

After completing plenty of quests now that I had reached my goal of level 60, I have made 2 decisions.
1. This weekend after I get paid I will pick up the Burning Crusade Expansion
2. Until then I wanna start a new charrie on Arthas with yes you guessed it, my name: Bigblades Yet again an orc warrior. I just love 'em. Lol. Use to play them so well.

If you ever want to hit me up on WoW my main characters names are as follows:

Bigblades - Archimonde Realm (Horde)
Bigblades - Arthas Realm (Horde)

Let's have some fun again shall we!

And just like that I was sucked back into the world of warcraft...

More soon, and on what I think of the Burning Crusade.


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