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Would You Tap It

So recently I found the joys of the drill-tap. Kind of surprised I never thought about the possibility of 1) putting an appropriately-sized drill ahead of 2) the necessary tap threading. But holy crap is it a great idea. Don't get me wrong self-tapping screws and the like are okay, but sooner or later either the screw or the hole is gonna get "used up".

Now, I've been using plain-jane taps for a while (mainly a set I borrow from my uncle ). But I figured I'd get my own a 6-32 tap since I've been wearing down that particular one. A lot of PC-related screws have that thread, at least til everone moves over to their finer threaded metric counterparts... so it made sense.

Well curiously enough, while making an order from Mouser the other week I saw a drill-tap. It didn't take long to put two-and-two together before I ordered one.

Gotta say makes things easier. from "hmm, just stick a nut and lock washer on it" to "Hey, I can just swap drill bits to a tap and viola~" to "Okay, too lazy, lets get the tap and drill all on the same bit"

Now I've gotta talk my dad into teaching me basic welding and I'll be able to weld up my own case at some point

Picture source: Micro-Machine Shop - Tapping Threads & Associated Reference Tables


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