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Wow Its Been A Long Time

Heya folks, or whoever reads these things. Not me thats for sure. But oh well, its important to feel that your thoughts are good enough for other people to care about and read. I'm sure thats what all the good sociopaths say!

Anyways, I suppose I'll fill (insert name here) in on whats up in the life of Clinic.

I'm no longer in Phoenix, Arizona.

I'm now in Lower Alabama. Ft. Rucker specifically. Now, what the hell is in Ft. Rucker? Well the home of Army Aviation is at Ft. Rucker! And I'm currently in the process of going to flight school. Helicopters to be specific. God my writing is bad. I think I'll just use the same words in a paragraph to describe something repeatedly. Specifically to be specific. Anyways.

I'm not as engrossed in computer hardware as I once was. I sold my rig (Q6600, Rampage Formula, Dual 4870s, all on water with 2TB of WD Black storage) to my Padre. He now uses the thing to race WRC and generally bother my mother with. But he has inherited my appreciation for computer hardware and isn't shy about emailing me asking what I think "we" should do to upgrade the rig! I tell him to come here. He doesn't. He emails again. He is persistent. http://www.youtube.com/user/whiskeychaser1 incase you are interested.

But yeah, my time is taken up by learning about power and heat limits and a whole lot of PT. Which is good. Really.

Welp, thats just about all the nonsense (insert name here) will get out of me today. Doubt I'll remember to post here again for 2 years or so. Seems fitting.

Peace kidos!


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