Overclock.net's general post quality has gone down dramatically in recent times.

-More and more people aren't reading OPs. They instead proceed to post irrelevant nonsense that is based on whatever primal instict they have at the time.

OP: Hey guys. I live in *non US country*, so my selection of cards is quite limited. I am able to get a GTS450 or a 5770. Which one should I get?
Reply 1: Get a GTX560Ti!
Reply 2: *Insert link for a GTX460 on newegg.com*
Reply 3: gtx460

-Misuse of the apostrophe has gone up significantly. There is a difference between "Graphics cards" and "Graphics card's". There is no explanation for this aside from incomplete understanding of basic English.

-Speed bumps? Never heard of them before. Therefore, it's a conspiracy to make more money! Blah blah.

-Gotta love the "There are no performance numbers for Bulldozer out yet, so therefore it's slower/faster than Sandy Bridge." groups.

-A number of enthusiasts have lost touch with the world outside of their bubble. They somehow rationalize with themselves that they are the largest group of computer users, and therefore the industry should prioritize their desires over a typical computer user. They also identify a performance-mainstream card like a GTX460 or a 6870 as "Low end" - thus proving they have no idea what half of ATI/Nvidia's card lineup consists of.


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