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X Plays New Format Sucks

I thought the show was perfect in the previous format...80% game reviews suitable for average games, peppered with some generally good humor; and 20% other game related content (previews, etc.)

The new format sucks. From the handful I've seen so far, they've dropped it down to one review per show. One. WTH? Other changes:

1. One "preview" per show, with a game developer there to walk you through it. Nice in principle, but sorry...these guys are NOT good entertainment. They're boring, they just don't interview well.

2. The "Gaming Update" segment that they crammed into the middle of the old format is now the leadoff segment, apparently to create a "news segment" format or something. But it's just a bunch of fluff high-level topics that we probably already know about.

3. Thursday they had an interview with a Sony guy, talking up Sony's plans for 2008. Again...nice idea, but yawn.

4. Apparently they fired the deep-voiced guy that did the commercial intro and outros, and replaced him with an out of work morning DJ. Seriously, he sounds like he's trying to get us worked up for the X-Play Morning Zoo on G4 FM radio. I literally want to punch him every time I hear his voice.

The problem with all these changes is that they have sucked the spark out of the show: it's humor. If G4 wanted a news show, they should have made a news show. Instead, they took over and screwed up the one good show they had left on the air. G4 always caught a lot of flak on these boards, but I always defended them because I thought X-Play rocked. But now...I just don't see it staying on auto-record on my DVR anymore.

New X-Play = fail.


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