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X58 Motherboards Why

Well as many on these forums know Sandy Bridge CPUs are great overclockers, so why is intel releasing a 990x and why are Gigabyte, Asus, and even msi releasing top of the line boards? Isn't it kind of late? doesn't Sandy Bridges overclocking make it really the top contender?

#1. While SandyBridge can show us some great clocks it lacks in many ways; it only has 16x lanes of PCI-e, it only clocks up to 5.8ghz(as of now), it doesn't have BLCK adjustment, and its more expensive than the i7900 series compared to a 2600K. A 2500K is better but lacks HT which many people want. Overclockers(the extreme) don't like SB because it can't clock high enough. many that have put a i7 980x under LN2 know that 6ghz is easy and that 7ghz is a tiny bit harder. For us normal OCers, i found that blck has a huge impact on overall system performance even if the chip is faster clock for clock. The limited lanes of PCI-E makes it a big hassle to try and run 3d benches and buy an affordable board. For the gamers out there they need 16x per lane for high resolutions like 2600x1600, and SB just can't offer that at standard.

#2 all these highend boards, GB's G1 killer series, ASUS's R3E black, and even MSI's whatever, all have integrated LAN and audio that are just perfect for gamers. The problem is that they all run of PCI-E lanes that goto the CPU, because they then do not have to go through DMI or QPI from teh SB's PCI-E bus. This doesn't impact the GPU's 16x lanes because the x58 IOH has extra hidden lanes of PCI-E not 32. Gamers also want multiple GPUs and want them all running at high speeds, thus X58 would be better because with NF200 chips you can only double lanes not triple them, the P67 boards have 32 lanes, and the X58 with NF200 can do 64+.

#3 price per price SB might be better for your average user, but for xtreme ocers and gamers it is not, X58 is a tried and tested platform with a 6 core behemoth of the a processor, which potentially can OC very well.


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