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Xmas Present

So I was shopping around for my own Xmas present yesterday...my wife and I always pick out our own gifts so we know that we're spending our money on stuff we actually want. We'd rather have gifts we want than to be surprised by crap gifts!

Anyway, my gift was supposed to be Guitar Hero 3 for the X360, but man, it's sold out everywhere. I went to five places yesterday, and only the fifth (Wal-Mart) had any in stock. So I snathced it up and happily took it home for my wife to wrap. It wasn't until I got home that I realized that the box didn't have that Les Paul guitar on it, it had the old shaped guitar...i.e., I had bought a wired controller version. I didn't even know they made a wired version for the X360, all the ads and articles I have seen only mention the wireless controllers. So I'm ticked...my wife took it back, and now I have to find the one I actually want.

It's last year all over again...I got a Wii last year, but I didn't actually get it until February. I don't want GH3 that badly, I've never even played 1 or 2. Guess I should just come up with something else that we can actually find in stock.


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