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Yay D Aww Yay 83

So recently a few weeks back Grunion had a mystery giveaway freebie.

To my surprise I ended up winning. When it arrived I almost crapped myself.

It was a Corsair HX 620W PSU!!!
The excitement was reeling in!

I hooked that sucker up and went to turn it on but nothing just a 1second spinup and then off.

I checked to make sure everything was in correctly. Tried both the 8pin and 4pin connectors. Same result.

Then went through some troubleshooting with Grunion himself online.

Failed the paperclip test. :'( it was dead.

Sadness set in and I felt all was for naught.

Then he suggested to RMA it.

Sent it out today with a smile on my face

Once this comes back, I am in for an upgrade spree on my current sig rig :3


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