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Yay Finals Week

Thought I'd try out this blog feature for once. I know it's been here for awhile and I've read quite a few good blogs on here, but I never got around to writing my own.

Anyways, it's finals week this week and next for me. This week I got selected to go to the final competition at OSU for a roller coaster design that I've been working with with my engineering group for the past seven weeks. We went and I'm proud to say that our coaster was probably the only one that ran constantly. However, that's not what the judges wanted, as the scoring was based more upon the design then the actually coaster itself.

For the coaster we decided to do some CAD work for it, which was outside of the requirements. This was my first experience with CAD work (Inventor 2008) and I have to say it's confusing. I've had no training what-so-ever in Inventor, so a lot of the time spent was just learning how to use the program. On Tuesday and Wednesday I spent about 20-22 hours total on the design. I also got to spend roughly six hours on Tuesday night doing a take-home math midterm that was extremely difficult to me.

So anyways, onto Thursday, yesterday, we had an oral presentation of our coaster for the class. It went fine, but I hate speaking in front of people, I get really nervous. I spent about an hour throwing together the Powerpoint with some videos and pictures I took from the final comp. I think that our Powerpoint was among the best, as the other groups didn't seem prepared.

We went to Sonic afterwards and I tried the Ched 'R' Peppers. They suck. A lot. But Sonic has 14oz shakes for $0.99 which is a pretty good deal.

Anyways, I came home and went to bed, woke up at 10pm and started doing my English homework. I had 23 hand-written pages to write about various topics and a three paged single spaced report on what I hand wrote. At about midnight I made some pasta with a white sauce, garlic and some sausages. It was pretty good and made for a nice break from writing.

I'm on number 15 of 23, but I did 19-23 already, so just 6 more pages to write than type up to turn in at 2:30PM today. After my 9:30-11:00 History class I go to Math for 80 minutes where hopefully I can pick up enough info to not fail the class. After math I get a break where I'll be typing my English work.

This week should be fun too. I'm going to learn 10 weeks of math in a day or two while studying for my history class to make up for the four days I missed because of the Challenge X comp I went to. But after that I'm pretty much done.

On Friday I get to leave this crapastic state for awhile to visit a friend in Los Angeles. Should be fun and a change of pace. Oh, and if anyone actually read all that and lives in LA and wants to meet up, let me know. I'll be there from the 8th to the 17th of June.

So yeah, that's my blog for this week.


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