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Yesterday I only started school at 1:00PM so there wasn't a need for me to get up that early. Only problem was that the ISP was going to come between 7:00AM - 12:00PM to install a phone line since my parents decided to change phone companies from Bell to Videotron. This move was going to save them $40 a month and to tell you the truth, it was worth it since my family doesn't really have a need for the phone anyways.

I know when I go over to some of my friends place the phone rings at least twice when I am there for a period of only a few hours. At my place you can go days without hearing the phone ring. It almost gets to the point where you forget that you have a phone in here...

So the guy came around 9:00AM and was done at 9:40AM... that meant no internet or cable for 40 minutes, which made me appreciate it so much more, rather than taking it for granted. Luckily I had some work that needed some attention so I got to it.

Thats pretty much it. I was glad to have the internet back


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