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Editors Pick Deals - Black Friday 2014

  • by Chipp

The holiday season is a special time full of friends, family, and more buying guides and lists than you can shake a stick at - and we're adding another one of our own to the party. Our Forum Editors have shared some of the deals they are most excited about this week, and we'll continue to keep the list updated as Black Friday / Cyber Monday grow ever more near and more information about various sales becomes public. Sean Webster Our resident Storage guru has a hard time getting excited about the hardware sales these days. The week-long deals are "meh", he says - but... read more

How to Solder Electronics

How to Solder Electronics Bring a Friend Back To Life Last week, I replaced six bad capacitors in a power supply, and saved a 300 dollar, 22 inch LED monitor from the junk pile. The monitor looks and now works like new. Two weeks ago, I re-soldered some bad cracked solder connections on the amp board going to the controller of a Harman Kardon speaker system. The system sounds great again. When it's not economically feasible to have an item repaired, or the pc board you need to repair it is no longer available, you have nothing to lose by breaking out the soldering... read more

A Troubling Trend

Did you know that Carrizo is being made on a 20nm node, has six cores, and turbos to 4.4GHz? Well, its flagship, the A10-8890K does. ...Except all of that is a load of crap. You might have seen that on some news sites that are generally considered reputable. There seems to be a trend. Fact-checking is no more, but click-baiting certainly is. It's not like it really matters in the end. After all, if you're first and the rumor was faked, you get just as much ad revenue as you do if it were real. I wanted to see if I could take advantage of it and start a rumor of my... read more

The Truth About FPS

2nd Revision Purpose:Now that I am being quoted on the internet and approaching 90,000 views... I find some of my typos and grammar appalling, I have gone back and edited some content and fixed some glaring mistakes. I took feedback from here and Reddit and attempted to appease certain more knowledgeable readers who were definitely correct. There were some ideas, especially with the math, that implied concepts that weren't apparently picked up to readers so I have added an addendum where I thought it would best illustrate implications.I have also been told this article... read more

GPU and CPU power connections

Is the connections we are making, bad for our devices? A mistake like this can cost you a lot of money. A GPU is a “Graphics Processing Unit”, it is located in the video card. A CPU is a “Central Processing Unit”, it is located on the main board. I, at one time had a lot of questions about there power connectors, their current rating, the cross compatibility, jumper wires and unorthodox looking configurations, and what adaptors are safe to use. I did a lot of research and found conflicting answers. I looked at how reputable the source was, and how often I saw other... read more

A Guide on how to fix Heat Problems

What is heat, and what causes it? Heat is displaced energy. Any action that causes a change to an electrical flow, will generate heat. The amount of work done, the devices designs, and the energy they waste are what determines the amount of heat that is generated. We deal with this heat from each device by ether brushing it with air or sinking it away with a cooler, then moving it out of the case into the air circulation of the room. The configuration and design of each cooler and fan, and the part it plays in the overall cooling system, determines there heat handling... read more

mmm...my old graphiccard ... trow it, no ...mod and clock it

Work in progress details coming soon Gigabyte GF 8600 GT 512mb Geforce GT 120 1Gb read more

Calculating Power Savings from a Platinum PSU

Suppose you have two power supplies , one is 80+ Bronze (85% efficient at 50% load) and one is 80+ Platinum (92% efficient at 50% load) You want to know whether it is worth it to buy the Platinum PSU over the Bronze PSU: Let the Bronze Efficiency = Efficiency 1 , or η1 for short Let the Platinum Efficiency = Efficiency 2, or η2 Let W be the wattage drawn by the components (CPU, GPU, sound card, fans, etc) Let the Difference in wattage at wall = W_diff W_diff = W/η1 - W/η2 W_diff = W(η2 -η1)/η1η2 W_diff for a 300W system and bronze and platinum PSUs =... read more

EVGA Hadron Air Chassis - Tips & Compatibility Guide

Quote:"Why sacrifice appearance and size when choosing a performance rig? The EVGA Hadron Mini ITX chassis was designed to not make any compromises." - Hadron Air manual The Hadron's appearance and size are the main reasons owners decide on this chassis, however it's not without some compromises. As long as you are aware of what limitations the case has, and plan your parts around it, you shouldn't run into many problems. Your choice of components is primarily limited by size. It was worth doing the extra research to find the appropriate parts, but it wasn't easy.... read more

AMD Mantle, CPU Bottlenecks, CPU Limitations, and You!

Intro: I recently got into a discussion that was extremely one sided (everyone hates me) in a Mantle thread. It is no surprise, this type of thing happens all the time, but seeing as the group I talked to were primarily AMD users and because I have a blue CPU and two green GPUs, it makes it next to impossible to actually discuss things. People on both sides stick their fingers in their ears and go "lalalalalalala". This article is not for you if you are one of those types. It is quite frustrating when people throw tech buzzwords around like "bottleneck" and "VRAM... read more

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