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The GTX 780 TI SLI - End of Life - Performance Analysis

The GTX 780 TI SLI - End of Life - Performance Analysis The point of this post / thread was to display some hard facts and anecdotal experiences with the GTX 780 Ti SLI. Kepler Degradation In Performance: For something that could be tested, it seems like a lot of people have not taken the time, an arduous and tedious amount of time, to produce some tangible data regarding Kepler degradation in performance. Popular opinion even states that the last viable driver was 347.88. Well I am here to tell that I have data that may prove otherwise. I am going to let you guys... read more

I need some help with Overclock

Hello i need some help overclocking mi Fx-6100 i have an Asus M5A97 R2.0 Motherboard and i have a Corsair H40 Water cooler i have 4 fans on the tower and the video card is the XFX R9-280 read more

How to raid 0 on 2 x SSD or 2 x HDD as primary boot drive for installation of OS window on X99 system.

How to raid 0 on 2 x SSD or 2 x HDD as primary boot drive for installation of OS window on X99 system. It is not easy to raid 0 as bootable window installation drive on X99 system especially ASUS Mobo . Lot of plp encounter Asus mobo unable to recognize boot drive after raid. Dont worry .... Here is the solution, full proof solution. X99 is capable to raid 6 drive. Just follow what i say and dont be smart to deviate by your own way. 1. It is better to secure erase your SSD to factory setting (option) 2. reboot and format every single ssd to primary disk with window... read more

Overclocking Ram - Crucial Ballistix Sport 1600 C9 to 2400 C11

Hey guys, I'm new to the site! I just built my first rig from scratch, and of course pretty excited about OCing. I've been doing tons of benchmarks and FPS tests while overclocking my budget ram. Seen some great improvements overclocking this ram from 1600 9-9-9-24 @ 1.5V to 2400 11-13-13-35 @ 1.60V. However, I cannot seem to get past that threshold. I know I've already pushed this ram far more than it's rated, but I was wondering if anyone's been able to go further? I've tried both loosening the timings and increasing the voltage, and neither seems to be able to get the... read more

The Big VR Face-Off

Affordable next-gen VR is fast approaching, but which system's best for you? We weigh up the options. Written by Jim McCauley in partnership with NVIDIA Virtual Reality has been just around the corner that it's hard to come to terms with the fact that it's going to arrive soon, in a form that you'll actually be able to buy and that won't make you nauseous after a few minutes' immersion. Chances are that your next big hardware purchase could be your very own VR (or AR – more on that later) system, but which one should you go for? Here we take a look at the big players... read more

Kingston Hyper X Fury Black 2x8GB 1600mhz Cl10

One of the best looking sticks of 2014 received decent reviews, due to it's good budget and automatic overclocking. Normally an issue, you have to set RAM clocks within the bios, where these are automatically set in both AMD and Intel systems. Aesthetically appealing for anyone who has a black and white or solid black build.These sticks do have a poor latency than the average 1600mhz kit, coming in at default 10-10-10-30-1. CL10 is considerably low for 1600mhz, and when testing a lower latency at default clock speeds, I was only able to access 9-10-9-27-1. However when... read more

A collection of thoughts about graphics cards and their trends

Giant Technology Companies Ask anyone and they’ll say the main benefit of competing companies is lower prices for the public, but another benefit is the advancement of technology that competition brings. Both technology companies have a handful of games in which their cards perform better. AMD cards excel in games that utilize the Mantle API whilst GameWorks titles generally run faster on Nvidia cards. The idea is that one of the giant technology companies has taken a game and made it so their hardware gives a better experience. At least, that’s the idea. It can feel... read more

Intel Haswell CPU review - Core i7 4790K, Core i5 4690K, Core i4 4400K, and Core i3 4160K benchmarked

Test System [CPU] Intel Core i7 4790K [GPU] Gigabyte GTX 970 mini-ITX [MOB] Gigabyte Z97-D3H (F7 bios) [RAM] G. Skill Trident X 4GBx2 DDR3 @ 2400 MHz 10-12-12-31 2T [HSF] Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Windows 7 64-bit with Service Pack 1 GeForce 350.05 CPU's Tested The Core i5, Core i4 and Core i3 were all simulated using Core i7. Hyper Threading and active core count was configured in the BIOS. Turbo was disabled for all CPU configurations. Take note that Core i4 4400K and Core i3 4160K are just theoretical CPU's. It was just included because I am curious as to how a... read more

To built a 4k monitor gaming rig - what type of hardwares needed and what kind of problem it have.

Firstly is to introduce myself and my hardwares that make up a 4k gaming rig. My name is Sam, I am not a professional in computer hardware and my English written language was not good. I just wanted to share the hardware and some problem and difficulty on building a 4 k gaming rig or is it worth to build a 4k gaming rig now? I am running an Intel I7 4930k ivy-B extreme CPU ocing to 4610mhz. 4 x 8g Quad channel 2800mhz g skill trident x memory, actually running at only 2666mhz no further. To build a 4k monitor gaming rig the first thing come across my mind is a good... read more

What Could Have Been - The PlayStation 4 APU

I wrote a small article to take a very hard look at what we got from this current gen, and ask, is that all that was possible? This originally was an odyssey covering both consoles, but there was just too much going on so I decided to break it down into separate articles. If you feel something is missing/broken/disjointed let me know The research into the BOM / manufacturing costs of the PS4 was done by the IHS Research Firm.Quote:The bill of materials (BOM) for the PlayStation 4 amounts to $372. When the manufacturing expense is added in, the cost increases to $381.... read more

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