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What I expect from Nvidia's Maxwell - speculation (draft)

GM107 would likely be reused for GTX 850 , GT 840 / GT 830 , unless there's a refresh GM207 or GM208GM206 (^ $150-200 MSRP pricepoints , 2-way SLI2 GPCs with 192-bit memory bus w/ fast memory = GTX 660 Ti performance at a minimum ; if power use scales nicely it'll be * 3.3Tflops FP32, ~ 104GFLOPs FP64, 102 GTexels/s , 31.2 GPixels/s at ~ 1300Mhz* 1280 CUDA , 80 TMU, 24 ROPs* Memory bandwidth , 192-bit @6Ghz eff = 144 GB/s ; @7Ghz eff = 163GB/s* If 2GB VRAM is used then there's going to be interleaving issues (see... read more

[Op-ed/Opinion] Why AMD needs an R9 280 or R9 270XT tweaked Tahiti Pro /Tahiti LE rebrand and fast.

The current state of the market is quite odd. The holidays have gone already and R9 290X, R9 290, and R9 280X are all pushing ludicrous prices , asking $50-100 over MSRP. The second issue is power draw. R9 280X, R9 290, R9 290X have over 250W peak power draw. The R9 270X is a badly priced SKU simply because aftermarket versions are running too high a premium over the R9 270 aftermarket versions. There is no discernible difference other than power delivery and market segmentation. R9 270s typically pack fewer power phases due to the 150W TDP limit in place due to the... read more

Why Bonaire is overrated and R7-260X is a cash-grab by AMD

Thesis: The R7-260X is like the cash-grab that is the GK106 GTX 650 Ti (a ten month delayed response to AMD's midrange that was ridiculously weak for its MSRP) but worse. At least the GTX 650 Ti Boost came with a wider memory bus and 24 ROPs instead of 16. Intro: The R7-260X is a rebranded HD7790 that has TrueAudio enabled (which ought to be called TrueDSP since you can run any form of DSP on it). Rationale: The HD7790 had superior performance per watt to the GTX 650 TI Boost. That's all it had going for it other than cryptocurrency mining and Autodesk Inventor... read more

Moodle Setup

What is the best way to set up Moodle to offer courses online? What type of hardware does it need? I know it needs or can run on MySQL. Can this all be run on a hosting server like the ones you can rent from GoDaddy? Thanks. read more

OCN - Through the Blue Fire and Flames

How is OCN doing?! I see a lot of the layout hasn't changed since I've last been here, which is great because the design is so cool. But I see a lot of new stuff too. Good to see the best enthusiast site on the web is doing well. I got into work early and figured I drop a line to see how its going. Congratulations on the success of a lot of big OCN gathering events and official sponsorship. I remember when that stuff was something discussed and hoped for. The dream became a reality it seems. Since the end of highschool and the whole trying to reinvent myself, I kind of... read more

Efficiency Trials

So.. I decided that I would try again* to make efficiency work better for me. here is trial 3. The problem for me was not that my performance was bad with stock settings... it was only that I did not get extra performance from overclocking. With my board, and I hear in general, NB is hard to OC with the Vishera.. which I think is a top CPU btw. so I decided to on a different strategy and will try to document it here for other members. This also means you *could* copy my success and avoid my failures. This article will have many updates..i hope.. or perhaps not, if I... read more

Why gk106 is overrated

1. No voltage control unless it's an aftermarket board (reference= OnSemi NCP5395 voltage controller : It does not provide software voltage control via I2C, nor any monitoring features.); Max Boost voltage = 1.175v ** ASUS GTX 660 uses ASP1212 rebranded as Digi+ instead of 4 phase VRM with no control http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/graphics/display/asus-geforce-gtx-660-directcu-ii-oc_2.html#sect0 ** MSI GTX 660 HAWK uses CHiL CHL 8318. ** ASUS GTX 650 TI Boost uses Richtek RT8867A with same garbage voltage control and monitoring as stock. 2. Late to the party. The... read more

Hama "uRage" Gaming Mice

I've been looking for some less popular gaming mice because I think a lot of Razer, SteelSeries, etc. stuff is overpriced and you end up paying for the name. I've already had a good experience with a cheaper Chinese brand A4Tech, and although I wasn't able to find a small enough mouse from them for fingertip grip, the build quality and sensor were fine (and it cost a lot less than comparable Logitech products for example) So anyway, I found out that a German PC accessory manufacturer hama is making gaming mice as well. Their newest offering is uRage... read more

Pushing my old 775

June 6 2012: So my Q9550 has run brilliantly at 4080mHz for a long time. This is a 480FSB, folding stable, gaming stable, multitasking stable. I am an avid participant in Folding@Home and belong to the folding team Dark Predators. Recently the rules for my folding "category" changed and added some more powerful hardware that my quad is having trouble keeping up with. Thus, I will endeavor to push this quad as far as I can. Starting from my 480 FSB I am going to bump the FSB +3 every day or so after testing it's folding stability for that day. I am currently at 486 and... read more

Please Help with overclock

Hi there i have build my dream computer to play games and be a media converter i currently have a problem that i cant wrap my head around i have an issue where i am running at a vcc of 1.310 volts and load line at full and i am running prime95 and seem to be getting high temps compared to other over clockers considering the fans and hard ware in my case i thought i would be very cool as i have 3x200mm 1x230mm and then the 120mm at the back i have also got a cooler master v8 and with all fans running at max i get on core 1 73 degrees max and on core 3 the hottest core i... read more

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