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How to overclock your recent generation nVidia GT/GTS/GTX video card

      If you need to ask a question about this guide it is best to message me directly or post in THIS THREAD.     This article is a beginner's guide to overclocking your recent generation nVidia Graphics Card.  I used this method to successfully overclock my ASUS GTX660 OC edition, but it will work for most GPUs.    *Please read disclaimer at end of article before attempting any overclocks.   The goal of overclocking your video card is to get more performance out of your hardware than you paid for. If you can get yourself a dozen more FPS then call... read more

How on EARTH Do I Build a Computer?? >>Lesson 2 >>

Hi This is my second lesson on computer building. Assuming you have read the lesson 1, I will continue verbatim. If as advised in in the introduction, the many PC components, are purchased, arrived and are all ready to be assembled...we shall continue. Next is the power supply fitting.. the power supply has four as I call them 'furrells' four holes for screws, the top rear of the case has four matching holes, these holes line up together so screws can attach the power supply to the case. here is a picture. the case also has these hole alignments, to hold the... read more

Poorman's Hypervisor: VirtualBox on a Linux Host [Draft]

How-to: Headless Linux-hosted VirtualBox Hyper-VisorOver the last two or three months I have spent a great deal of time learning about Linux generally in the hopes of eventually setting up a headless virtualbox server. I happen to be standardized on Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS for my home lab. [[SPOILER]] For more information on virtualization and VirtualBox in particular see OCN guide Forget dual-booting! Virtualization 101 user error10. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] These first steps are at a vanilla first login for a freshly installed ubuntu 12.04 server. These... read more

Connecting Two NZXT HUE up to one

I just recently bought the NZXT HUE, but it acted weird, so i wrote the company i bought the unit from, and they send me a new unit the next day. So now i had two units. so i thought, hmm, maybe i can connect both of the LED Strips up to the same unit, and have double the amount of lights. The NZXT HUE LED Strip has inputs on both ends, so what i figured was that i could just connect one end of the first LED strip to the other end of the next LED strip. I used an old needle that i knew would fit in the end, and cut 4 pieces. Make sure to connect the + to the +,... read more

How on EARTH Do I Build a Computer?? >>Lesson 1 >>

Hi This is my first lesson on computer building. Assuming you have read the introduction, I will continue verbatim. Parts Assembly, is an important step in building a computer, however, we shall try to help you understand a little of what these parts are, and what you are doing with them first. you may see a box much like this. this is your motherboard.. its the template on which almost all of the other parts sit. An important part is the Central Processing Unit also known as the CPU. In the upper center of the motherboard is a block, this block is called a... read more

How on EARTH Do I Build a Computer?? >>beginners guide>>

Hi! In case you just wandered in here thinking 'this place looks nice.. if a bit weird' This is.. OCN.. OVERCLOCK.NET.. here people usually talk about computers.. computer building and much more! Perhaps you thought Computer Building might be your kind of thing, but also thought it was 'not for the faint hearted'.. well, like anything no one expects you to know everything on the first day..it takes time. And as this is a hobby you can learn as little or as much as you like.. no need to keep up with the trends if something is no longer fun!.. I myself.. used a program... read more

Howto Moving Your Existing Nix Install To A New Pc Or Drive Using Gparted

This is a guide on one of the easiest ways of moving one *nix install to one disk from another, or, if you can move one of the disks, from computer to computer. 1. Connect both drives to ONE computer. Then boot off a live disk/usb with a live OS compatible with the filesystems on your current install(s). If you have a mixed *BSD/Solaris and Linux system, you may have to use two live OSes for either one, I would say PC-BSD for UFS/UFS2 and ZFS, any Linux live disk for Ext{1,2,3,4}/BtrFS/XFS/etc. 2. Install (if not already there) GParted on the live OS and launch... read more

Data cable making guide

You will need: A good crimping tool cable (cat5e, cat6a, cat7) RJ45 connectors (what normal people call 'ethernet') In this short guide, i'm going to show you how to make data cable. Specifically, cat5e UTP (unshielded twisted pair). Your useage will vary, but cat5e is good for lengths of up to 100m, and speeds of up to 1Gb/s 1000BASE-T. If you're actually putting it in walls i'd advise the use of cat6a. It's marginally more expensive, but it supports 10GBASE-T at lengths of 100m (55m for cat6 regular) providing you have the quipment to go with it, which at present is... read more

Windows 8 File Explorer Ribbon taking up too much space ? Here's a solution.

As you may already know, Windows 8 replaces Windows 7's Explorer buttons with the ribbon, essentially spreading over multiple tabs what you once may have gotten to in an easier way.   For some people having the Copy - Paste buttons readily available isn't much of an advantage, but having the "New folder" button, amongst other things, is, but the thing is you need to expand the ribbon in order to access them, whereas in Windows 7 you just had those buttons there all the time in an interface that used less space.   You can however get your buttons back, and then... read more

Dummy's Guide to X79 OC (ASUS)

Heya folks,    I'd like to add a small addendum to an already quite extensive list of OC setups and methods available here and the forums.    Preamble   I've had a fair bit of struggle trying to get into overclocking, and have been scouring the web including this community site to learn about the steps involved in a successful configuration, which in my impatience means a stable OS environment that can withstand one cycle of Intel Burn Test. After a while, my search narrowed to just identifying and inputting values into respective bios entries,... read more

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