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Buy/Sell/Trade: Cases

Please read These before posting in this section.


Allowable items in the cases section

Cases/Enclosures, various case parts, external or internal drive enclosures, lights, badges & stickers, etc... Any modding materials such as paint, side panels, windows, trim, plastic filler, etc...


For related tools: Please use


For Fans. Fan Controllers Grills, etc: Please use


10 May 2014 Update
For Sale/trade listings must include a photograph of the actual item(s) for sale as well as a note (piece of paper or similar) with your name and the date. Any listing not including a photo with a note with your name and the date will be deleted until a photo is ready to be added.
Where applicable you MUST provide a photograph of the Model, Serial number or Version information in order to accurately describe your item.

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