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Submit a Bug Report

Before reporting a bug:

Please note that Overclock.net only supports major browsers. A list of supported browsers can be found HERE.


Any bugs relating to non-supported browsers will not be ticketed.


How to report a bug:
A good bug report can bring about a quick response to a problem - a bad, or incomplete, bug report can leave us guessing what you're actually trying to report and might not see the issue be addressed.

Help us help you - when reporting a bug, use the following template and include as much of this information as you can:

  • Reproducibility: Were you able to reproduce this problem consistently?
  • Repro Steps: What steps did you take to reproduce this problem?
  • Expected: What action did you expect to occur when this bug appeared?
  • Notes: Any additional information that will help us diagnose the issue
  • Browser, active browser addons, and operating system
  • URL where the issue occurs

Your report's subject line should offer a clear, concise description of the issue so that other members who experience the same problem can find your report and confirm it. An example of good/bad report titles is below:

Good title: Thread listing order in Off Topic is not correct
Bad title: Off Topic is Broken

A complete sample bug report is available here:
Sample Bug Report

What happens next?
Bug reports are continually monitored and verified by staff members. Once your report is confirmed, it will be moved into the main "Bugs and Technical Issues" forum and ticketed for a fix with the developers. If we can't confirm your report, or need more information, we'll follow up with you in your report thread.


Cant edit a thread that is 1 year or more old ?

Please do not report the inability to edit threads that are 1 Year + Old as this is not a bug but a content protection feature. Please see HERE

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