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Please read and understand these rules before posting in the Appraisal Section.

1. To post in this section you must have 35 rep points. As many appraisal threads have evolved into sale threads in the past, only members who are eligible to post in the For Sale / Wanted Section are eligible to post in the Appraisal Section. In accordance with the TOS, members who do not meet this rep requirement may not post appraisals anywhere on the site.

2. Items may not be sold in this section. If you decide to sell your item(s), start thread(s) in the For Sale Section.

3. Be specific with the item(s) you post. Provide links if possible, but at a minimum, provide full model information. Only computer and other tech items may be posted for appraisal. If you are not permitted to sell it on the site, you may not list it for appraisal.

4. All thread titles must start with "Appraisal: " or "Appraisals: ". For example, "Appraisal: 2x512 MB Corsair 3200 XL". Please be specific. Threads that do not follow this naming convention will be deleted.

5. When you are satisfied with the appraisals received, add Completed to your title.

6. Wait a minimum of 24 hours between bumps. Excessive bumping will result in a thread being closed.

7. Thread bashing will result in warnings. Please provide whatever information you have to share as objectively as possible. If you think an item would sell for a higher or lower price than someone else has suggested, provide evidence (e.g. links) to support your position. This includes providing ridiculously low appraisal prices.

8. If you observe posts that do not follow these rules, report the post by clicking on the "Report post" button. Appropriate action will be taken by one of the moderators. Please do not post negative comments or quote rules in the threads as that only takes the threads further off topic. Any complaint threads will be deleted, and the creator of the thread will be warned.

9. Appraisals are solely the opinions of members and are not the responsibility of Overclock.net.

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