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Originally Posted by lacrossewacker View Post

1080p 480s would have a hard time maxing tomb raider with some AA and Crysis 3 with some AA. Bf4 would most likely have vram issues too.

If he ever wanted to fold, that 7990 would give him a good 200k ppd too

As a 480 owner, and ex owner of 480 SLi, BF4 has no issues on a 480 at the high preset, and AA is down to the user, FXAA does it's job in Tomb Raider and BF4, Vram never maxed out in BF4 on a single 480 even pushing 4xMSAA, just GPU power.

I wished people would stop confusing Vram allocation with actual Vram used, and GPU's power.

The 7990 is better in all categories, but moving from 3 water'd 480's to a 7990 at 1080p would be too much of a lateral move, the only gain would be Vram, where it will shine in a whole 2% of games out there.

1600p is where the 7990 makes sense.

Just my 2 pounds worth and opinion thumb.gif

P.S, just sold 3930k rig with dual 780's at 1440p, those things are insane at that res, but i do not need it, and made some money back through the sale wink.gif
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Originally Posted by lacrossewacker View Post

A 7990 will SMOKE tri sli 480s

as an owner of Tri SLI 480s, even though I'm saddened, this I definitely agree with. one of my GTX770 4GB ACX Classified @1300/7800 pretty much murders 2 of my SLI'd 480s in any game that uses more than 1.5GB. The biggest problem with Tri SLI 480s is the VRAM. The GPU power is there, but that 1536MB is their ultimate downfall sad-smiley-002.gif

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OP you might want to consider a single R9 290 card instead of a HD 7990. a voltage overclocked R9 290 can get quite close to HD 7990. but being a single GPU R9 290 will provide a much better gaming experience with lower frametimes and mcuh more consistent performance (no dependence on CF profiles) . wait till oct 24th and then decide. thumb.gif

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