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CM hyper 212+ Edit

by xnuw
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  • light weight, decent price, performs well for its size
  • none
I bought this for my gaming, to cool down the cpu while OC, sort of tie between evga superclock, but went with hyper as it is available that time, and never look back again, now my 2500K is cool enough compared to the stock heatsink, quite impressive for the price. biggrin.gif The idle temps of 27~ 32C at ambient 21C, load reach 50~56C, at stock 3.3Ghz, at 4Ghz idle temp is 32~36C load temps 57~64C varies per core.
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Cape Cod 03-05-2012, 09:03 PM

I'm running that CM Hyper 212 plus with Push/Pull fan configuration. Running a 2600k @4.8 1.365v and have not seen temps above 74c under load with prime. By far one of the best heatsinks on the market today.