thinking about moving on from my 4930k need opinions -

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so like the title says I'm thinking about doing a new build. currently i'm running a 4930k and 970's in SLI on a RIVG. I don't have a problem at all with performance of the the cpu itself though it has begun degrading. It still does 4.5 though. I would really like to make use of nvme technology though. I realize broadwell-e could get released/ announced any day now a long with pascal... but looking at benches i could get similar performance or a minor performance hit these days with just a 6700k for a lot less money considering everything would have to change... I got a really good deal on the 4930k but mostly I game so i'm certain the extra 2 cores only really matter for benches. just wondering what opinions are on the subject given the limited info we seem to be getting slowly and as hardware season seams to be approaching.
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If you game, then a 4930K is pretty much worthless. Sell it and mobo, get a 6700K and Z170 mobo. Use the extra money to take your SO out on a date.

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It's still an ivy bridge processor, meaning it's still pretty relevant even though it's a bit older. Yes, a 6700k would be a better performer for most single threaded applications but for multithreaded I think the extra 2 cores in the 4930k would be a bit better.

However, for gaming.... yeah a 6700k would be a decent improvement, especially given the improvements made to everything else as well (DDR4, nvme, etc).

Alternatively, if you really like the 6 cores of your 4930k, you should be able to sell it on eBay, and get a 5820k for roughly the same cost, and get the improvements from that.

No, single core performance wouldn't be as good as a 6700k but multithreaded will be considerably better. Plus the 2 extra cores will help it be a little more "futureproof" in my opinion.

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I recommend you keep that 4930K and overclock it, if you haven't already. That hexacore of yours is far more future proof than any quad core, especially as developers are finally entering the multi core era (years late but better late than never).

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