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Originally Posted by Juub View Post

This is my biggest question about water cooling. Some cards will hit their natural limits way before hitting their maximal stable temps. Water cooling doesn't help in any way in those situations right?

Edit: Let's take a concrete example. How much more more OC headroom would a reference EVGA GTX 780 with a waterblock have over the same model on air? Would the price difference of the waterblock make it smarter to instead purchase a better version such as the Classified?
GK110 has a lot of OC headroom, so in this case going with water cooling would allow you do do things like flashing a custom BIOS and really upping the voltage. In theory, you could probably go from around 1100 on air to 1300 on water, depending on how hard you are willing to push your chip. Going with a Classy would be very beneficial in this situation, the chips are capable of 1400+ on the core but on air they tend to reach their thermal limitations before their silicon ones.

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I have only one thing to say. When you go water, there is no coming back. smile.gif

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Originally Posted by KaiserFrederick View Post

In terms of performance, all water cooling does is pretty much negate the temperature limit, so you can set the voltage as high as you like without having to worry about your chips melting or thermal throttling. However, in my case, my 3570k is a very bad overclocker, it takes 1.24V to get to just 4.2 GHz rolleyes.gif
So in my case, watercooling doesn't really let me OC any higher, as I reach my chips's natural/silicon limitations before I reach its thermal ones.

exactly this. I started w/c my GPU and never looked back after the first one. Then I got a card where I got almost better OC's with the stock cooler than I did with it on water. Still, it was worth it to me to start w/c my GPU's. It always gave me a nice performance bump. Plus, I always had a better CPU then GPU so that helped

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