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It will most likely depend on a combination of many things(shaders,rops,textures per cycle,bandwidth). It would also depend on which game + how the games are programmed(nvidia vs ati sponsor). Certain engines may take more advantage of one architecture.

A question I have had for a long time is how the unified arch(2900+ and 8800+) is actually used in dx9 games. For instance my 8800gt has 112 unified shaders, but the xbox 360(48 shaders I think) COD4 has pretty much the same graphics. I would like to know if all of my gpu is even being used.

Imo real dx10(3dmark vantage) SHOULD give a definite answer to this question because it will actually take advantage of unified shaders.

Edit: aka I think there is no real answer to this question atm.
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the most important feature is core architecture.....and on a smaller scale die size

you can make a card with 500SP, 24 ROPS etc....but if the core architecture is crap it will suck

a reason why 8800 beats hd2900 evenough though hd2900 specs look a lot better

IMO here is features in order from most important to least

core architecture/die size
ROPS (pixel pipelines)
memory interface
Memory/GPU clocks

you can go into binning processes but i wont go there

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