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Originally Posted by ggoodd View Post

Originally Posted by Domino View Post

if the phone breaks on one fall does that mean the build quality is bad?

cause every phone is bad then! wink.gif

OT: Um... Why?
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Originally Posted by KyadCK View Post

OT: Um... Why?

Yup, HTC ONE best damn phone I have EVER owned.

I got extremely unlucky one day and had a hole in my pocket, put the phone there I was getting in to an elevator, the phone fell between the doors and down the elevator shaft down 3 stories. I heard it bounce off the wall and off what ever else it hit, but it definitely hit at least 4-5 things before it finally hit the ground. This was only 1 months after I got my phone, so i was really sad and already thought of it as a goner, asked my building's serviceman if he could let me in to the elevator shaft on the garage floor of the building, he said no, but instead he said he'll go in and look for the phone for me. 5 minutes later he came out with my phone in his hands.
I took it, and guess what, not only did the screen NOT crack, but the case seemed like it barely got scratched. I mean you could see some dents on where it hit what ever it hit on the way down, but they were so barely noticable that once I put on my clear phone skin/case on it, you coulnd't tell that it ever fell or anything. It turned on after being charged and I have owned it since, it hasn't given me a single problem. This phone is just a beast. Compared to my Iphone 5 which fell from my hands and the screen cracked IN THE STORE, this phone's build quality is way beyond.

So what we have is an iphone 5 which fell from maybe 4 feet and it's screen cracked completely VS HTC one which fell 3 stories worth of height and hit at least 4-5 metal/stone things on the way down and worked perfectly after. Yeah..I'm glad the IPHONE cracked, because that's what made me choose the ONE.

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