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Hey guys!

This is my first post on overclock.net, long time reader though thumb.gif

I'm looking at a new PC build to replace my old SquidRig Mk 2/3 (Mk 2 had a couple component upgrades so I called it Mk 3 after that) Mk 3 is by no means obsolete, but I feel it's time to replace my old 3930k, GTX 680 system for a newer, shinier system! Plus my dad wants the Mk 3 for editing/rendering and what not.

Anyhoo, I've been racking my brains researching and trying to choose between the old Haswell-E 5820k and the new Skylake 6700k. I know I can OC both to about 4.5GHz easily (Or at least from my research) so single core processes should be about even, but my main concerns are the price differences, the PCIe lanes, and the number of cores.

Regarding the PCIe lanes
Initially my new system should be running 1 GTX 980 then moving onto 2 way SLI, hence my concern with the PCIe lanes, I seem to have read somewhere that even 8 PCIe lanes is more than enough for any graphics card, but would there be any difference between the 6700k dual SLI both running on 8 lanes and the 5820k running one of them on 16 and the other on 8?

Regarding the number of cores
My main uses for the PC would be, in order of most common: Browsing the internet with Chrome, Gaming (can't really say what kinds, I have about 300 in my steam library, so could be anything (and yes, that was an excuse to brag)), Programming (Websites, games and such), Photoshop. And possibly recording, editing, rendering gaming videos for YouTube

Regarding the price difference
I can get the 6700k for about 250 GBP and the 5820k for 275 GBP, but the main problem with price comes about with the motherboard.
For the 6700k I'd probably get the Asus Z170 Maximus VIII Hero costing 170 GBP
For the 5820k I'd probably get the Asus Sabertooth X99 costing 265 GBP or the Asus Rampage V Extreme costing 315 GBP

Quite a substantial difference in price there, would I really be getting any general performance benefit for the extra cores premium. And would either of these CPUs be more future proof than the other? Should I wait for the Broadwell-E chips or even the Cannonlake chips!?

There's so much to take into account here, my brain is melting!

So if anyone here has some advice or suggestions please share, also there's a poll at the top regarding which CPU you guys would get.
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PCIe lanes; honestly no difference.

Cores; If you are planning on recording, editing and rendering videos, get the 5820k, if you are patient, or on the fence about youtube videos, get the 6700K.
other tasks the 6700K will be sufficient

.price difference; you don't have to get the most high-end board you know. that'd cut costs down a bit.

I'd just go with the 6700K and upgrade later if you really get into youtubing. a lot of people think they will upload stuff but they change their mind about 2-5 videos later.
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With the YouTube thing, even if I don't get back into it fully (I used to do it) I'd still do some editing and rendering so the extra cores wouldn't go amiss.

It seems the more I think about it the clearer it becomes, just get the 5820k! But there's still that little part of 'oooh, but what about the other one', the grass is greener on the other side I suppose xD

What would you say about a gaming and rendering 2011-v3 motherboard, any recommendations? I was looking at the ASRock Fatal1ty X99X Killer, but I guess that still falls under the high-end board area. The problem is that I'm just not great with motherboards, it's something to do with their product pages and promotion, with each one being the 'best' at what it does, almost like their all being promoted via an infomercial! Do you know a site where I can compare motherboard features cleanly and efficiently?

Also, thanks for the reply! thumb.gif been waiting for a while, but I guess it was a long winded and broad question
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I would do the x99 system, but I would get an asus x99-a.

Really the saber tooth does not really have any features that makes it worth the extra money, and the x99-a is literally an asus deluxe board with a few less bells and whistles.

If you REALLLLLLLLLLY want to get a fancy board, I would look at the MSI Mpower boards.

I am pretty much an asus fan boy, and the Mpower is the only non asus board I would consider.
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