How muchmore can my ram go....235fsb currently -

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ok ive got OCZ gold series pc 3200 1gb ram..
(1st ones on the page) yea so ive got my ram running 1:1 with my cpu at 235fsb at 2-2-2-5 1T(i think its 1t, not too sure about that) and i think there running at 3.2v ...So yea i want to push my cpu further but dont want to run a divider as that slows down performance, just wanted to know if anyone can tell me how far can my ram go in fsb untill i have to ruin a divider to keep stable?......also i head the ocz ram is good for upto 3.8v?

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3.2 is really starting to push it. I'd say probably no more than around 240 max on the FSB. Actually, dividers don't wreck performance too much, as most programs actually don't benefit from the extra bandwidth the memory will have. Only content-creation programs like Photoshop and the Macromedia software titles notice any benefit at all.

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OCZ is supposed to really love the volts...I know a couple people who run 3.4 volts through them. However, they both have taken extra measures to make sure their memory has good airflow.

One guy has his at 238 and the other gal has hers at 243...but she has some minor stability issues. Once every few days she'll have a program just shut down on her. It would drive me nuts but she just saves her games alot and dies alot in Quake4

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