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I have an HP w1907 TFT-LCD monitor with DVI, VGA, and internal speakers. Last night, I was hooking a computer up to it because I had moved it for use elsewhere. The power cable to the computer was disconnected and the monitor turned off... I cannot remember in which order I connected the ends of the cables but I recall seeing sparks arcing from the cable to the connector. they weren't very big, but I was able to see them.

As a result, when I use the DVI connection with any cable and any computer it is completely pink. So it is not the GPU or cables, I replaced the power cable in the event that it had a bad ground wire.

Another thing that I have noticed is that if for some reason I accidentally touch the end of the VGA cable on my CRT I get shocked. Since these are on the same outlet, can it be deduced that the circuit has an issue? I cannot see why though because it is a GFCI circuit and I think the outlet works correctly.

What can I do to ensure that the rest of my equipment is protected??!

Edit: It does the same thing for DVI-A and DVI-D and HDMI signals. There is no green whatsoever so that is obviously the color stream that was affected.

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The sparks and shocks you experienced are caused by the ground wire not being connected to actual ground. It's due to a capacitor between live/neutral and the ground connection to suppress noise generated by the device, often a switch mode power supply.

Normally it will not break anything as long as you are careful not to touch any pins with the outside shielding while plugging in the cable.

You should check if the outlet actually got ground installed, it's not unusual to have outlets where the ground isn't connected to anything. Some power bars will have a ground indicator, you could try one of those to check if the outlet got a ground connection.

The safest way is of course to unplug all power when connecting and disconnecting cables, but I can't say I even do that myself.
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