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Originally Posted by TurboTurtle View Post
To the best of my knowledge, see the bold.

Best way to get rid of this amount of rogue software is to download a copy of Securerom2k and make a bootable copy of it. Turn System Restore off in Windows, then boot from the CD. Once inside you'll load into a Win7 environment, right click and go to Anti-Virus -> ESET Online Scan.

Once the scan has completed, boot into windows normally and run the following:

CCleaner (reduces scan times)
MalwareBytes Anti-Malware
Spybot Search and Destroy
Avira Free Personal Edition (download from Avira's website, disable your native Anti-Virus before installing and running Avira)
Bit Defender Online / TrendMicro Housecall.
Uninstall Avira, re-active your native protection and run a scan from it.

That should nuke anything malicious on your computer. However, with that amount of rogue software, you probably have a number of other infections on your computer as well. The above should take care of them as well - but your registry will be in shambles. Download and run ComboFix once all the above is completed.
he doesnt have these on his comp.

to the OP, if ive never heard of it on this forum, i dont use it.

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I never installed them.

However I would just use an Avira Rescue Disk and then something like Spyware Doctor from Google pack. that should remove pretty much anything.
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Originally Posted by aweir View Post

I never installed them.
Ah, mis-read your post. Apologies.

Originally Posted by Spritanium go_quote.gif
Contrary to popular belief, IE isn't all bad. For example, it makes a great tool to download Firefox with after a clean install.
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Originally Posted by BlackHoleSon View Post

People across the world have been trying to get into people's systems since way back. I know of a guy on a website who was your typical "1337 K1D" who spoke only in leet. extremely annoying. Always talked about how awesome he was for hacking in FPS games. I thought he was a joke, until he got a piece of malware onto one of my friend's computer.

I kid you not, this guy had images of people's systems he has gained control of holding a piece of paper saying "(name) Owns me". Basically, he entered their system, and threatened to ruin stuff if they didn't do as he asked.

To sum it up for you, children and middle aged people living with their parents with absolutely no hope in anything positive. And furthermore, it creates a sense of false accomplishment. The fact of the matter is that petty hackers create an exploit for an operating system that is much greater than whatever they have made.
That sucks, if someone did that to me, I would go to the authorities. If I aint going to win, you aren't to win either. But, your arse will be toasted though.

*corrected* don't assume anything. Anyone can be a jackass regardless of their age or situation.

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Originally Posted by aweir View Post
I've never heard of any of them.

Spyzooka-sounds like a kid's toy

Malware Removal Bot- um, I thought bots were bad...

Antispywarebot- Again, another "bot"?

AdwareAlert- trying for an Adaware knock-off?

Antispyware2009- You mean like "SuperAntispyware"?

Are these for real? Warning, I dod not click on any of the links because I do not know if they have some sort of drive-by download or not. Click the links at your own risk...

Don't you mean 'Don't be DUPED!'?

But on topic, I can't stand these types of things. What is worst is the website pop-ups that look like valid messages from 'supposedly' your anti-virus asking you to 'remove them' by installing an update to your 'anti-virus', when in fact it's disguised spyware/malware. My mother was almost fooled, but luckily she called me first and I was able to catch it. My cousin, wasn't so smart.

These things are really targeted at the 'newb' computer user that really don't know any better. They probably wind up paying through the roof to computer repair shops and other corporations like Geek-Squad. It's really sad.

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I just accidentally locked the thread for 2 seconds when I was trying to click the unread posts button redface.gif
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