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Hello all!
So my girlfriend recently got her rig up and running and I'm overclocking her GPU.
So far I've gotten a pretty nice overclock out of it (Even over the stock overclock from EVGA)

My best artifact free settings are:
1495 Mhz Boost w/ 8.114 Ghz VRAM @ 1.212 volts

The card feels like it could go higher, but with some more voltage.
I cracked my fingers, activated overboost and....failed flat on my face.

I'm quite perplexed here.

So here is what happens.
When running the stock settings the card will run the voltage to 1.187
Upping the core speed makes the voltage temporarily jump up to 1.212 when launching heaven(And for the first 30 seconds or so), but it goes back down to 1.187 and also downclocks the core a tad bit.

Adding a 25 mV offset with precision will keep the voltage at 1.212 the whole time, and the card will not downclock at all.
Doing this causes GPU Z to show vRel and VOp as the PerfCap reasons.
Adding more voltage on the offset does NOT increase the voltage.

However, activating OVERBOOST makes things so confusing I hardly know where to begin.
Ok, I turn on overboost and set it to 1.2v just to get started
Running in heaven, GPU z reports 1.187 but precision reads 1.165
The following are the SET voltage, using overboost, followed by the ACTUAL voltage reported by precision (GPU-Z ALWAYS says 1.187, regardless of what precision says)
1.25 | 1.212
1.268 | 1.232
1.3 | 1.232

But those actual voltages are in heaven, idling at the desktop they sit wherever I set them (I.E. if I set it to 1.3, it will sit at 1.3 while idle, but then go DOWN to 1.232 when running heaven)

Weird, but ok 1.232 is still higher than 1.212 so maybe I can get some more headroom? Nope.
In fact, when using overboost I can't get CLOSE to the same overclock as when using the offset. Whenever I have overboost set higher than 1.2 I always crash(Even running with NO OVERCLOCK), but when its set to 1.2 I only actually get 1.165

Furthermore, setting the voltage offset to anything more than +25 causes a lower overclock, even though the displayed voltage does not increase at all

I do plan on Bios modding the card, but want to figure out whats going on with the voltage first haha.
Is the card just hating the higher voltage, or is it something with the BIOS, where a BIOS mod might help things?
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I know its confusing, if anyone needs clarification or anything just ask! Thanks for any/all replies/help

Just found the 980 Ti classified owners club and the classified voltage tool within, anyone mind linking or explaining how to use the tool?
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Hey dude I know this is an old post, and I hope my advice reaches you

You need to find the Kingpin forums with the 980 Classified tools on the first page, its mixed among the other models, youll find it

Just read those forums for advice, theres a lot to comb through.

Dont rely on any software voltage reading. They will never ever work since the natural cap is 1.212v

You need to either measure it with a Probe-it cable set off Ebay (its standard among many Nvidia cards) and a multimeter or EVbot.

The software tool itself isnt accurate. Its about 0.25v more than the reading/setting value.

So to get 1.25v you actually set it to roughly 1.0v, and its best to check with a multimeter.

You use only the first slider for the core voltage.

The second one is for memory, but you shouldnt need to touch it

The last one is for PCI-e lane voltage, dont touch that, its for LN2 overclocking only.

You may also get a bug with core clock readings while using the tool, where core clocks constantly halve themselves and jump around under load..

This isnt normal and you may need a different BIOS, but you need to flash the right version.

Some cards are v2988 and some are v3988, and you need to find yours and flash a better one onto it.
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