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This was pretty interesting:
I was in Skingrad when I got taken in for a fine (breaking in no-no places), and they hauled me off to pay my fine. I appeared outside the walls on that bridge like you normally do, but something was amiss. To my shock and surprise there were two guardian zombies standing outside. I nearly pissed myself, but then a gang of guys from the mines started attacking them. They killed the zombies and innocent by-standers, so the guards decided to join in on the fight. The mine gang was pretty powerful, taking out several Skingrad guards before one of them went down. I'd say I got a good 10 minute show out of something that made no sense.

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I had just spoken to Kurdan gro-Dragol in Bravil regarding a quest. He was upstairs in one of the inns there. I went down stairs and listened to a conversation that a couple of NPCs were having and then heard the sounds of an orc yelling from upstairs. I looked over and a small Bosmer came running down the stairs with Kurdan close behind him wielding a big ass hammer. The bosmer and Kurdan ran outside so I followed. Kurdan seemed to be a bit faster than the bosmer and got a couple of good hits in until a gaurd decided to attack Kurdan. The bosmer took this opportunity to escape. Kurdan and the guard fought for a minute or two and Kurdan was killed. I then got a journal entry: "One of the characters needed to complete this quest has died." "Quest completed." The guard then took off after the bosmer. I chased after him but lost him. I found the bosmer later that day in the same inn talking with the Thieves guild representative for Bravil. It was an interesting couple of minutes but pisses me off that it broke the quest.

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I killed the adoring fan in front of a guard with my Dark Brotherhood assassin and he didn't do anything.

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