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I can't say that Apple is THAT overvalued. 18 P/E is high, but not ridiculously high.

If I was going to invest in a large company though, I'd pick something more along the lines of Ford Motor Co. 2.5 P/E, yes please!
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Originally Posted by feteru View Post

Yeah, I feel that Apple's time is becoming pretty limited to continue this EXTREME market dominance. They have been around, playing the same game long enough that their competitors are starting to work against them in a clever way, and exploit their inherent weaknesses, just as Apple originally did to Microsoft. Still, the Ultrabooks, Metro, Microsoft might, just might, be taking the right steps to take Apple's userbase (although maybe at the cost of their enthusiast market rolleyes.gif ) just speculation though, I don't actually know anything more than anyone else tongue.gif

I disagree. Although many of Apple's competitors are coming out with nicer products, many of the nicer products are copying Apple designs, and using those copies to sell to those who don't know the difference between a Samsung ultra book, and a macbook pro, or macbook air. I am not at all a Apple fanboy, but when there is a difference in quality and reliability between products, I give credit where credit is due. If Apple is making money, good for them. It should be a miracle that people are actually spending the amount of money they are to have such nice products, in today's economy. I seriously don't know why anyone would hate on Apple. If they are suing people, and its working, then maybe they are suing for the right stuff? teaching.gif If you look at half the copies that come out from Samsung, and HP, I'm surprised they don't sue more. Most of Apple's designs are sexy, and that's not a term that can be made about many other competing products.

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Originally Posted by RonindeBeatrice View Post

I can't fathom that Apple won't bubble out eventually. They have to be running out of folks to sell iPhones to right? It's embarrassing that they're worth what they are.

Why is it embarrassing?

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