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Originally Posted by Bastyn99 View Post

Fury of the Storm, one of them is called.

I'm afraid that with all the hate Blizzard has been getting it the later years, people won't remember the old days when Blizzards games were hailed as some of the best ones ever.
If this is free to play they'll probably still get a lot of players though, including me.

Sadly, the crowd of gamers has changed drastically over those years. When Blizzard was hailed as one of the best developers, gamers were far more patient. They knew that Blizzard too "decades" to produce a game and after it launched continued to support it through massive updates and fixes if something wasn't working as they had planned.

Now we have all the CoD kiddies that are impatient and critique everything to the point where nothing can actually be good. They need paid unlockables so they don't have to work for them and cry for having to actually put an effort into something.

To this day there are few developers that can even match Blizzard for the quality of work they provide in their games. Not even taking into consideration the massive amount of dev support they provide for each title. Blizzards extreme direct involvement with the community via forums and such about their games is unmatched by virtually every other company out there. For WoW they even have GM's that are dedicated to communicating with top players/guilds to monitor the game in real time. They watch guilds do raids to catch bugs and hot fix them while the guild is running back to try again. But apparently almost no one can see this anymore just because they made some mistakes with D3 very early on. Somehow that tarnished their reputation that was built through Diablo, Diablo 2 + Xpac, WC, WC2 + Xpac, WC3 + Xpac, WoW + 4 Xpacs, SC1 + Xpac, and SC2 (both). Well we can add D3 to that list as well since they have fixed almost everything people complained about with even more to come on top of a very promising looking expansion. Ungratefull brats these days. Should make them develop a game and see how they like it.

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