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Get it here

Here are some features, it is microsoft but the 30 day trial can help you decide if it works for you.

Comprehensive, integrated, automatic computer health service
o The Windows OneCare health meter gives you a clear, continuous indication of your computer's overall level of protection and performance. If Windows OneCare detects anything that you can do to improve the health of your computer, the service will automatically show you what action to take and give you a one-click solution.
o Antivirus and Firewall help protect your computer from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, hackers, and other threats.
o With a click of the mouse, you can directly scan individual files and folders for viruses. You can even check attachments that you receive through MSN Messenger for viruses or worms.
Trustworthy, reliable Backup and Restore
o Windows OneCare Backup allows you to copy your important files and settings to CDs, DVDs, or to an external hard disk. Regular backups can help you protect your important data from loss due to accidental deletion, viruses, or hardware or software failure.
o If you use an external hard disk drive, you can configure Windows OneCare to perform an automatic backup of your important data as part of your regular Tune-up.
Automated Tune-up for increased performance
o Tune-up takes care of routine maintenance and helps improve your computer's performance. This automated service performs the following functions:

+ Automatically scans your computer for viruses.
+ Defragments your hard disk to help improve computer efficiency.
+ Removes unnecessary files from your computer to increase available hard disk space.
+ Helps make sure that important security updates from Microsoft are installed efficiently and on time.
+ Checks for changes to your important files as well as new files, then sends you a reminder when it's time to run Backup.
+ Automatically backs up your files for you if you use an external hard disk drive.
Continual updates provide you with the latest technology
o Windows OneCare updates itself automatically to counteract new viruses and other threats, and also works with Microsoft Update to help ensure that your computer is up-to-date with the latest critical security updates from Microsoft.
o Windows OneCare continually updates its firewall policy to keep ahead of hackers and make sure that your legitimate programs have the Internet access they need.
o Windows OneCare provides continuous feature updates to subscribers, providing you with the latest technologies to help protect you from emerging threats. If you're worried about a new virus or other threat, you can check for updates yourself with a single click.

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You think they got it right this time
Just another way to stick there nose in your stuff and rebuild the monopoly machine.

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Hahah what's next, a word processor made by Microsoft? Lmao!

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wow, that's pure genius...

that's like buying a new house and then having to pay to get the door locks, the kitchen sink, and the walls painted. Obviously something that should have been included in the original price.

How about including some of this :turd: in the numerous updates they dole out, instead of the every week update of putting a band-aid on a shotgun wound?

thanks but no thanks microsoft, you've gotten your money from me because I like to play games lol, you gets no more.

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