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My advice is the same as the advice in the P.I. (Professionalism Initiative) and that is to avoid posting in a thread unless you have something positive to say. Save snarky opinions for YouTube comments or Facebook.
Mix this thread with this thread and profit. seems like a pretty innovative way to recruit cyber spies.
I positively hate what Google is doing to YouTube. They removed the entire "News" section and replaced it with lamestream "we paid for it" media. Now they screwed up my home page so I can't keep track of what is going on like I want. They are turning it into Facebook and G+. I predict it will not be long before you will have to have a G+ or Facebook account to leave comments or post content. They are jamming G+ down our throats. It's already become clear that Google is...
I think it's ridiculous for anyone to post comments on my PC. First of all the PC listed in my system is not even online. I am using an X58 rig with an i7 920, Velociraptor etc etc etc. Next I will see posts that it's because I don't have a 1080p monitor, or I don't have a $100 gaming mouse or maybe it's my crappy 2.1 speakers that cause the lag. The ignorance of such posts is not surprising. OCN is full of such imbeciles. You should be able to access a site with a P4 and...
I am an unabashed cheerleader for Charles. He's so far beyond me and any other PC modder out there I feel privileged to be considered a friend. Our conversations are always enlightening. The fact that he holds me in high regard gives me the confidence to keep at it.
Those hard lines on the MDPC pics are outstanding. I don't know how many times I have thought about how to accomplish that...but it's been rattling around in my head for years and years. Hard lines that look that good are just unbelievable. I love it. Of course I think the case is outstanding. Of course there will be always be people that do not share my aesthetic appreciation. For those people there are a thousand other lesser cases they can slop their hardware into....
Oh but nuclear power is safe. Only tree hugging hippies that are stupid worry about nuclear power poisoning the entire planet. I've been discussing this on various forums for months and that's the response I generally get. Fact is nuclear power is the stupidest technology we have ever created. All these early power plants with boilers are accidents waiting to happen.
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