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OLED is nice but the inevitable burn in is always an overhead people don't want. Also, color accuracy. OLEDs tend to oversaturate colors.
All these companies have to do is price their phones correctly. The V20 is a really good phone for $320. The Zenfone 4 right now is $600, when it should be $300. Pricing truly plays an important role whether a phone sells.
Razer should buy Moto from Lenovo then we'll have the Razer Moto.
Battery consumption.
Not on a phone.
The Nokia 8 has a qhd screen.Notthing really going to be truly graphics intensive with a Snapdragon 835.Stereo speakers are nice indeed but not worth the $200 premium.The 4000mah battery will have to drive a screen pulsing at twice the hertz. Battery life will be less, despite the larger battery.Oh right. Something the OP5 and N8 have that the Nextbit Razer Phone does not?A built in 3.5mm headphone jack. Amazing value for $200 less.I'm surprised that people are actually...
$700 for a Snapdragon 835 phone with no water resistance. This is going to be a hard sell since the Nokia 8 and OnePlus 5 share the same chipset and cost $200 less.
Take note of the Physics score. 8550u+ mx150 vs 2700u.
Ew.. AdoredTV.
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