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VT-D is Needed if you want to pass hardware to your virtual machines. 2500k does not support VT-D, The K (unlocked) procs do not support VT-D. You need either the Normal and S version.It will pass the entire graphics card into the virtual machine. You cannot share the card or even have it available to the host. Once it's passed, it cannot be used by the host or another virtual machine.
Updated the original post with more information, made it a little more clear and removed the stipulation of only Crossfire/Multiple discrete graphics cards.
Couldn't find that particular one, but they also have expansion chassis.
That's the definition of DDOS (Distributed denial of service)When you have something limit the number of connections or packets, the bot network will consume those connections or packet limit and thus deny the legitimate packets.DOS attacks are usually pretty easy to defeat as they come from a single source. Distributed attacks come from several sources. Trying to determine what is legitimate traffic and what isn't becomes much more difficult.If you do determine what is...
Linux wont work if time warner marks any of the channels copy once or copy never (if he wants to watch or record the programming). cable provider sets copy once on EVERYTHING except the over the air channels making a linux build completely useless in my case (Big bummer). It looks like Time Warner does the same thing:...
Ducks: I feel it may be too centered, 7/10Yeah, it be my BRZ.Only had my 35mm lens with me on this trip. Hard to frame a mountain with just your feet
Lets get back on topic. Dog Pic: 7/10. I think if you closed the aperture a little and got more of the dog in focus it would be better.
2x Dell C1100 with 2x L5520 QC Procs, 72GB of DDR3 ECC RAM2x Dell SC 1450 (Never used cause they are way too loud, slow and power hungry.)VM Host (in my sig) - i7 3770s , 32GB of DDR3 RAM, 4x 2TB WD Greens, 4x1TB Samsung F3
Current state of my TV table: You know that point when you feel like you over done it?.... Well I just had that after realizing between the servers and my computer, I have about 200GB of ram....
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