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Can't wait to see what this venture is going to be like. Thank you.
I picked the correct one, but it states the server is down at the moment. So I could not download. What is this some kind of a hoax?
Don't get the hyper 212 get this for $39.99 after rebate on newegg, Cooler Master Seidon 120V - Water/Liquid CPU Cooling System with 120 mm Radiator and One Fan , also asrock boards have issues also, try the asus m5a99fx pro r2.0 board.
No problem.
Does the game come with it?
You would have to take out your HDD cage and mout the AIO in the front, with the h220 in the top. Scroll down on this page and see how they have it installed, look at the photo where it says large.
What do you mean by pairing it with the h220?
This is a very good read!!
If you are still interested in this GPU cooler check out this review;
In, Thanks!!!
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