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Outmoded yes, obsolete, no.Even a supreme artificial intelligence would need us for some time.Interesting time lie ahead, that's for sure.
Pretty sure he was blasting EA, He quit as soon as his project was done and went indie.Or wait, you get that and ... I missed something?
Come on man - I am already happy, that's the entire reasoning for my post. I get that you have opinions because of your relationship with an ex engineer, and that you've become jaded on the whole VR thing. None of that is addressing anything I was talking about (initially lens qualiy) or effects my line of reasoning at all.You say I'm defensive and one sided, yet everything you are talking about YOU brought up, ignoring the initial topic entirely. Ironic, frustrating. You...
I don't get motion sickness at all. Also, screen door effect is largely ignore-able to me. DK1 came out 4 years ago, I'm not talking about the DK1 at all........Totally your opinion on the justification of price. The Vive also got a price cut, so it must not be worth the money also?The Rift can access Steam VR content as well as the Vive. It also has more polished long experiences than the Vive at the moment, which was one of my deciding factors in purchasing it.Also your...
Don't think of it as gloomy, think of it as profound.Eh?
They would probably write you a ticket for defacement of currency, which is illegal.Not that you'd have a chance. By the time your money was being taken you'd be on the ground under a boot.I've had police steal from me. There's really nothing you can do about it.
Ecosystems are fragile. There's many many many explanations of this online. Your line of reasoning clearly misses the point of it all.Go look up ecosystem impact.I think its funny that people's reaction to this is "Oh shutup the earth isn't dying." They never said it was - they said all these insects are in decline and that means something we should be learning more about. If you aren't interested in the reason behind observations you hardly have a case to deny them.
No one ever expects it
Ah my bad - misconstrued "transfer".I don't have an answer but I would be surprised if the compression was tied to the machine. There's no reason I can see for that - it uses an algorithm to process the data from one state to another.There's one way to tell!
Please understand the difference between a prediction and report of observational evidence.The knee jerk reactions to science fuel other people's understanding of how to react. So when there is a scientific article, try to read it an discuss what it has found instead of shooting it down with generalizations. This is why so many people don't understand science, they are just parroting what other people who also don't understand science are saying.And the whole point of...
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