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How do you know the temperature if the screen is off? It's idling so it doesn't need the fan
Hi guys. I can't fold anymore and I'm sorry that it has taken so long to post this. I suggest you find another member to replace me asap Was fun folding in TC and I'll probably take it up once my situation allows for it all the best
Really interesting stuff So if they even got a few nerve connections working you could start learning them (That nerve ending used to be my right hand.. now it's my pinky toe) Don't know if we could grow or connect new nerve endings as a healing process though. But if this worked we could at least transplant a head onto a new body for life support reasons and talk to the head? This is getting freaky. And I think there would be quite a lot of complications. For example I...
Just going in for the obligatory 6 to 12 months that all men have to go to in Finland Basic stuff, I'm applying to be a motorcycle-messenger-guy
Hey guys. Sad to hear about your situation crazyap. I've been having problems as well as i just moved to a new appartment and i'm joining the military over here for some time. I might be able to arrange things so i can fold at my dads house. I won't be able to take the role of team captain. unbelievably easy to use file/image/screenshot/clipboard uploader! All you have to do is mash a few buttons and paste the link wherever you want it. Deleting is easy, everything is unbelievably easy. I would puush you guys a part of my screen as an example but I'm not on my own PC right now :
Recommend Dxtory with the x264 vfw codec. Beats fraps and the usual codecs by miles.
tactical postin #1
It's not that difficult. Add pages to favorites, and they will probably be the first thing as a suggestion. For example I visited that site from your link and I had to type in "forum" or "bodyb" before it was the first suggestion. Here's my solution, in Chrome I have the favorites bar without any text, so it's just a row of icons:
Cool mod hertz! Here's my "finished" mod, with one (1) pic a few months late (note to self, never start a mod log without massive disclaimers) It actually looks pretty decent for what it is. The space in front of the motherboard is practically useless, I only have one HDD which I could've mounted vertically with a bracket... I learned a whole lot doing this mod, would've been more fun to go all out with the triple radiator etc, but that just wasn't me. I would rather...
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